South Australian Military Reenacment Group


Media from some of our bigger events and activities can be seen here.

Tactical Events

Yugoslavia 1944 - Nangwarry, SA 2010

Operation Olive 1944 "The Gothic Line" - Mt Crawford, SA 2011

Operation Lightfoot 1942 "The Battle of El Alamein" - Blackhill, SA 2012


Operation Tractable 1944 "The Falaise Gap" - Mt Crawford, SA 2012


Operation Marita 1941 "The Battle of Greece" - Mt Crawford, SA 2013



Operation Market Garden 1944 - Mt Crawford, SA 2014


Westwall 1944 "The Siegfried Line" - Mt Crawford, SA 2015 

Public Events

Jamestown Airshow, 2009/2012


Raising the First Contingent, 2014

Ceremonial Events

Centennial Park Remembrance Day, 2012-2015


 Bren Gun Carrier with Gas Bren test


Germans testing latest design of gas fire simulation

"Kokoda Trail" - Gas firing Bren Gun test


Australian 3.5" mortar blank firing