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What do we do?

Re-enact SA seeks to commemorate and build understanding of the events of the First and Second World Wars, with a particular focus on the experiences of the front-line solider.

We participate in tactical combat re-enactments, public displays, film work, commemorative ceremonies, community events and educational programs.

We conduct re-enactments utilising pyrotechnics, blank firing firearms, replicas, vehicles and props. Event scenarios are written around realistic historical objectives and themed battles. Further to this, authentic squad formations, tactics and language are encouraged to add a sense of realism and really transport the reenactor and spectators back in time.

See more in our Club Charter


Have a passion for war history that just isn't satisfied with books and documentaries?

Want to learn more about the life of the front line soldier, experience their training, tactics, equipment, weapons and vehicles?

Re-enact SA provides a means to meet like minded individuals, learn more about history and share some truly unique experiences.

Where else can you live like the common soldier, wear their uniforms, shoulder their equipment, operate their weaponry and drive their vehicles? For an experience like nothing else, or just to test your interest, please follow the link below:

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