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Each year, Re-enact SA conducts a variety of different public and private events.


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Tactical Events

Experience Second World War combat first hand. Lie in wait to ambush the enemy, attack and overrun a strong point, defend a strategic position, lie in roadside ditches as enemy armour rumbles passed. When the action starts however, be ready, the noise of blanks, gas firing machine guns and confusion of battle will quickly transport you back in time and you'll be in the thick of it, so keep your head down!

As the name suggests these events are held purely for the experience of reenactors and no public are present. With events structured around historical battles, the unit commanders of each side are given their orders, each has no idea of the whereabouts or objectives of the other, and combat is as unpredictable as it is exciting. The use of vehicles, weapons and tactics is up to the leader and the outcome of each battle will depend on the strategic deployment of their troops.

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Public displays

Public events are aimed at providing education displays and battle re-enactments for the public as well as providing interested members of the public an avenue to learn more about the club. With accurate uniforms, weapons, equipment, campsites and vehicles, this provides the public an insight into the life of the common soldier during the war. Often these displays are held in conjunction with other historical displays e.g. air shows.

Events can be a simple static display, or involve a simulated combat engagement. The battles are scripted and sometimes choreographed with large pyrotechnic displays which are not possible with private events. Due to the nature of public displays, combat simulation must be modified to suit the display area and to provide a better viewing experience for the public.

Raising the First Contingent - 100th anniversary - 2014 

Formed in South Australia in 1914, the 10th Battalion trained at Morphettville Racecourse before being sent over to join the fight in Gallipoli and later the Western Front. With help from a grant from the Department of Veterans affairs and other clubs from around Australia, Re-enact SA set out to commemorate the 100th anniversary by re-creating the recruitment camp that was at the racecourse and provide participants and the public an opportunity for what it would have been like for the young lads who eagerly signed up at the outbreak of war.

On the final day, the group marched down Anzac Highway to Glenelg lead by full military marching band. The march to Glenelg was common training for the troops. Here a ceremony was held attended by the Governor and other distinguished guests in Moseley square.

Ceremonial events


Each year RSA proudly participates in Ceremonial displays for Remembrance Day and memorial launches, providing a flag and escort party to pay respect to those who gave their life in the conflict.

Film work

Re-enact SA has provided a range of extras, props, weapons, equipment, uniforms, vehicles and technical advice for several short films/documentaries.

"Changed Forever" - History Channel April 2016

A three-part documentary mini-series that tells the stories of people who were shaped by the Great War, who in turn also shaped Australia. Depicting various theatres and shot in various locations across South Australia in late 2014. Due April 2016 on History Channel.


Produced by Michael Tear and Harriet Pike, directed by Serge Ou and written by Michael Cove. Re-enact SA worked closely with Ian Sparke and his team of costume & military art designers from Sparke Films to create realistic portrayals of period soldiers, with Re-enact SA providing a significant number of extras for the series.

Danger 5

Re-enact SA members have supplied equipment and vehicles for both seasons of the action comedy series Danger 5 (SBS)

Community engagement

Re-enact SA prides itself on actively participating in numerous community engagement activities including public displays, ceremonial events, fundraising activities, and educational programs.


Willing participants volunteer their time to further public education and awareness of the sacrifices made by soldiers and civilians of all nations during both World Wars.

Re-enact SA has engaged in numerous educational displays where students can feel and wear uniforms and field equipment, experience the food and living conditions of the common Great War and Second World War soldier. It is our goal to keep the memory of our service men and women alive through educational opportunities. The feedback from our program has been positive and is encouraging us to continue to develop this scheme.


Throughout the year, the sub units will meet to provide unit training in order to practise drill, improve uniforms, teach historic combat tactics, and increase squad unity.


Driver Training

Learning to drive pieces of Second World War armour, trucks and motorcycles on private property is always a hoot, especially with an obstacle course. We also learn safe entry and exit from vehicles and refine the role of vehicle commander. This training of course goes to good use during our tactical events.

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