Re-enact SA

South Australian Military Reenacment Group


Each year, Re-enact SA conducts a series of private, public and ceremonial events. See below for more details and our upcoming events.

Private Events

Tactical Events

Experience Second World War combat first hand. Lie in wait to ambush the enemy, attack and overrun a strong point, defend a strategic position, lie in roadside ditches as enemy armour rumbles passed. When the action starts however, be ready, the noise of blanks, gas firing machine guns and confusion of battle will quickly transport you back in time and you'll be in the thick of it, so keep your head down!

As the name suggests these events are held purely for the experience of reenactors. With events structured around historical battles, the unit commanders of each side are given their orders, each has no idea of the whereabouts or objectives of the other, and combat is as unpredictable as it is exciting. The use of vehicles, weapons and tactics is up to the leader and the outcome of each battle will depend on the strategic deployment of their troops.

See the Media page for photos and videos of some of our previous tactical events. 


Film Work - we have supplied actors, extras, uniforms and equipment for tv series, short films and documentaries, see Film Work.

Training - Throughout the year, the sub units will meet to provide unit training in order to teach historic combat tactics, in order to get more out of the tactical events.

Driver Training - Learning to drive pieces of WWII armour, trucks and motorcycles on private property is always a hoot, especially with the obstacle course. We also learn safe entry and exit from vehicles and refine the role of vehicle commander. This training of course goes to good practise during our tactical events.



Public Events

Public events are aimed at providing education displays and battle reenactments for the public as well as providing interested members of the public an avenue to learn more about the club. With accurate uniforms, weapons, equipment, campsites and vehicles, this provides the public an insight into the life of the common soldier during the war. Often these displays are held in conjunction with other historical displays e.g. air shows.

See the Community Engagement and Media pages for photos and further info on some of our previous public events. 

Public Displays - Events can be a simple static display, or involve a simulated combat engagement. The battles are scripted and sometimes choreographed with large pyrotechnic displays which are not possible with private events. Due to the nature of public displays, combat simulation must be modified to suit the display area and to provide a better viewing experience for the public.

School Visits - RSA has also visited school history classes with uniforms, vehicles and equipment to provide exciting and interactive lessons and stories from the front.


If you believe RSA could contribute to an event you are hosting, please get in contact with us here: Contact.


Ceremonial Events

Each year RSA proudly participates in Ceremonial displays for Remembrance Day and memorial launches, providing a flag and escort party to pay respect to those who gave their life in the conflict.

See the Community Engagement and Media pages for photos and further info on some of our previous ceremonial events.