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Re-enact SA has the privilege of working with a range of different military vehicles, props, replica weapons and other equipment to enhance its re-enactments.


Re-enact SA has access to a range of second world war military vehicles for re-enactment, owned by both members of the club and through friends of the club. Vehicles include:

  • GMC CCKW 2½ ton 6×6

  • Afrika Korps BMW R12 Combo

  • 1941 Chevrolet RAAF Flatbed North Africa

  • BMW R71 (CJ750)

  • M8 Greyhound Armored Scout Car

  • German Skoda Staff Car

  • Bren Gun Carriers

  • Studebaker US6 2.5 6x6 truck

  • Dodge Weapons Carrier


Props are used to add realistic touches to tactical events and public displays.

German Guard House and Road Block








Dragon's Teeth and Czech Hedgehogs Anti-Tank Obstacles

Functional original Germans radio and field phone sets







Fallschirmjäger Drop Canisters (weapons and supplies parachute containers)



Great war bell tents


Through its members, re-enact SA has access to a variety of real, de-activated and replica weapons that allow each squad to be equipped with the appropriate period mixture of rifles, sub-machine guns and light machine guns.


Generally rifles are used with blank ammunition to simulate the action and sound of real rifle fire. Re-enact SA also operates a blank firing mortar.


Automatic weapons are equipped with oxygen/propane gas firing systems that simulate the sound of automatic fire, but without an ability to chamber or fire a projectile. The gas firing simulation systems are fitted into both de-activated and replica weapons.

Re-enact SA takes safety very seriously and we have mandatory safety protocols and training which includes the safe handling of weapons - real or otherwise.

All firearms and blank ammunition are stored and used in compliance with relevant Firearms legislation.


Members who operate firearms are appropriately licensed by SAPOL for this purpose.


All weapons comply with relevant SA Firearms legislation.

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