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Re-enact SA is a group of First and Second World War enthusiasts based in South Australia who promote and participate in historical re-enactment


We participate in a variety of different events including tactical combat reenactments, public displays, film work, commemorative ceremonies, community events and educational programs.

We conduct reenactments utilising pyrotechnics, blank firing, replicas, vehicles and props. Event scenarios are written around realistic historical objectives and themed battles

Authentic squad formations, tactics and language are encouraged to add a sense of realism and really transport the reenactor back in time.


We represent a variety of different units, which allows to to cater for the various events and activities of the club.

Club members are encouraged to start out with one of our primary units of interest and build up their knowledge and equipment around this, before (optionally) branching out into others.

We cater for both Allied and Axis units, and leaders for each sub-unit are assigned each year to guide new and existing members with the aim to improve the quality and cohesion of the unit.


Re-enact SA is always actively recruiting new members into this exciting hobby

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Re-enact SA has the privilege of working with a range of different military vehicles, props, replica weapons and other equipment to enhance its re-enactments.

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Reenact-SA does not support or allow into its membership, those who condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent

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